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Yōko Matcha Ceremonial Green Tea Powder | 29g

Yōko Matcha Ceremonial Green Tea Powder | 29g

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Our Organic Ceremonial Matcha is made from the most tender, hand-picked young tea leaves that have been shade-grown by a family that's been shade-growing matcha since before Columbus landed in America. Our matcha has a smoother and sweeter aroma than most other matcha brands. Yōko Matcha Ceremonial is suitable for ceremonial style matcha prepared with hot water, iced water, or as a latte!





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Need a natural energy boost?

Look no further than our matcha selection! We offer three grades of this antioxidant-rich powder, so you can choose the right one to fit your needs. Whether for daily consumption or culinary experimentations – we've got it all covered. Unlock new potential with quality matcha today!