Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha

Made from the most tender, hand-picked young tea leaves that have been shade grown.

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Need an energy boost? We pride ourselves in the quality of our matcha! We now offer 3 different grades of matcha at retail. Choose from ceremonial, premium, or culinary grade. Drink it simply or get creative with this antioxidant rich powder!

  • If you’re a matcha fan, you already understand the craze surrounding this delicious and caffeinated tea and if you're not, welcome!

  • Yōko Matcha food truck fuses Latin and Japanese flavors my making pastelitos, lattes, desserts with matcha green tea at the Wynwood Yard.

  • Yōko Matcha mixes a natural alternative to keep you movin’ and shakin’

  • The inspiring story behind wynwood's Yōko Matcha