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Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha

Experience the pure essence of ceremonial grade matcha. Sourced from Japan's revered tea-growing region, our vibrant matcha green tea offers a harmonious blend of delicate aroma, smooth flavor, and abundant wellness benefits.

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Matcha To The World

To share the enchantment and health benefits of the highest-grade matcha green tea powder with the world. Inspired by the Founder's personal journey and her grandmother Yōko's legacy, we raise awareness about matcha's extraordinary qualities, including its potential in fighting cancer. Through education and a passion for spreading matcha's joy, we empower individuals to embrace the serene vitality of this ancient Japanese tradition. Join us in celebrating authentic, high-quality matcha that touches lives, one cup at a time.

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Elevate Your Wellness, Embrace the Matcha Vibrance

Looking for an energy boost? Look no further! Our premium matcha powder is meticulously sourced and available in three different grades: Ceremonial, Daily, and Culinary. Whether you prefer a simple matcha latte or want to explore your creativity with this antioxidant-rich powder, our matcha is the perfect choice. With its vibrant green color, rich in amino acids and L-theanine, it not only provides a delightful taste but also offers potential benefits for weight loss and overall well-being. Try our matcha with oat milk or coconut milk for a creamy twist and experience the goodness of green tea in every sip.

Discover the Exquisite Tradition of Honyama Matcha

Experience the rich heritage of Honyama matcha, the birthplace of Japanese tea culture. With 800 years of history, Honyama in Shizuoka offers optimal conditions for matcha cultivation, comparable to renowned regions like Darjeeling and Assam. Renowned for exceptional taste, aroma, and color, Honyama has received accolades at the National Tea Fair and impressed influential figures like Ieyasu Tokugawa. At Yōko Matcha, we source the finest matcha from this esteemed region to deliver an authentic, exquisite tea experience.

About Us
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